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Insignum doo - limited liability company
Director: Goran Stantic
Head office: Rujanska 11, 10000 Zagreb
OIB: 80945995095; MBS: 2727756; MB: 02727765
Zaba IBAN: HR3723600001102193147
Share capital: HRK 20,000.00 paid in full
email web shop:  webshop@insignum.hr
Contact number: 01/777 0111

The seller  is a company Insignum doo, Rujanska 11, 10000 Zagreb, OIB: 80945995095, which operates under the trade name Insignum;

insignum.hr  is a web shop owned by the company Insignum doo;

Buyer  is any natural or legal person who orders at least one product through insignum.hr and pays it by credit card, bank transfer, e-Banking or payment;

A visitor  is a person who accesses insignum.co.uk and browses its contents without making a purchase;

Users  are  Buyers  and Page  Visitors  together;

Products  are all products that are featured on the insignum.hr web store and that can be purchased;

Retail  price is the price displayed on each product, expressed in Croatian Kuna including VAT.

Users are advised to read these Terms and Conditions before purchasing, and to check them regularly to ensure they are aware of all rights and obligations. The General Terms and Conditions apply between the Buyer and the Seller, regarding the purchase of the product by the Buyer through the insignum.hr web store.

By accessing the purchase of a product through an online purchase or by visiting this website to obtain information about a particular product, it is considered that the Users are familiar with and agree to these Terms. By using the insignum.hr web store, it is considered that the User is familiar with and accepts these General Terms. Seller disclaims all responsibility for any disputes that may arise from the failure of the Site Visitor, User and / or Buyer to read the General Terms and Conditions.
The Consumer Protection Act (OG 41/2014, 110/2015), Title III applies to business conditions. - Conclusion of off-premises and distance contracts, from Article 57 to Article 79.

The general terms and conditions of the insignum.hr web store are compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Electronic Commerce Act, the Law on Personal Data Protection and the Law on Obligations, and together with the information published on the insignum.hr web store web site constitute pre-contractual notice in the sense of Article 57 of the Consumer Protection Act.

When placing an order, the customer is not able to purchase the product without first accepting these General Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, the Buyer agrees that the confirmation of the pre-contractual notice shall be sent by e-mail in .pdf format, to the e-mail address that he / she specifies as a contact when ordering the Products, which enables the Buyer to save, reuse and reproduce them. If this is not possible, the pre-contractual notice will be sent by mail to the home address, together with the delivery of the Product and the invoice at the latest.

The Seller is authorized to change the contents of these General Terms, the product range, other data related to the insignum.hr web store, as well as all other content, without prior notice, subject to public announcement on the insignum.hr website, which is why Users are obliged at every visit. of the website in question to review the content of the same.
The buyer can only be an adult and a capable person. Contracts on behalf of and on behalf of minors or persons who are completely incapacitated may be concluded by their legal representatives, and partially legal persons may conclude the contract only with the consent of their legal representative. The seller assumes no responsibility for any action contrary to this provision.

Online product purchases can only be made in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, which implies delivery of purchased products exclusively in the same area.

Images and descriptions of individual products are obtained from the manufacturer, distributor or downloaded from the Internet and may not necessarily be identical to the product. The web shop insignum.hr strives to accurately state the characteristics of the product, but we reserve the right to make mistakes in the description and pictures of them. We are not responsible for any unintentional errors in the product description. Prices, payment terms and special offers are valid only at the time of ordering and / or payment and are subject to change without notice.

We ask Customers to enter accurate, valid and complete personal information when filling out the registration form and during the purchase process. In case the wrong information is entered, the correct information can be sent to  webshop@insignum.hr  , and it is also possible to report it on the telephone 01/777 0 111. The
contract on the sale of the product between the Buyer and the Seller is concluded at the time of ordering the Product from the Buyer.

The user can access the search for the desired Products and / or services on the Seller's pages: through a search engine, through an Internet ad (banner), and by searching the categories through the menu at the top of the page. In the search results offered, the User can select a product, get acquainted with the content of a page of an individual product, which clearly outlines its main features and the associated Retail Price. If the User chooses to purchase a particular product or service after thoroughly familiarizing himself with the content of the page on which the Seller has provided all the details about the same, he selects the "Add to Cart" option.

After adding all selected products and services, the User selects the "shopping cart" option in the upper right corner of insignum.hr. Products are purchased through a shopping cart and registered and unregistered users have the option of buying. When filling out the registration form or when filling out the order information of the product at the step of the shopping cart: "Payment Details", the Buyer is obliged to provide accurate, valid and complete personal information. By selecting the "Buy" option, the Buyer makes an irrevocable offer to the Seller to purchase an individual or group of products. Before concluding the purchase, the buyer can independently change the condition of the product, regulate the quantities or add more products to the cart.

In case the Seller is unable to deliver the product because the ordered product is not in stock or cannot be ordered from the supplier, the Seller will notify the buyer in writing as soon as possible. In case of notification that the ordered Product is available within the extended term, the Buyer has the possibility to stay on the order, with a new so-called delivery time, or to cancel the order. In the event that the Seller notifies the Buyer that the Product cannot be ordered from the Supplier, the contract shall be terminated by such notification itself and the order shall be terminated, and unauthorized credit or debit card transactions shall be canceled immediately, and, if any, the Seller shall refund the Buyer repay (increased by statutory interest rate) as soon as possible and within 7 working days at the latest.

For the Product (s) that the Seller does not have in stock and is ordered, the Buyer is obliged to pay a deposit of at least 50% of the total amount of the purchase. Upon delivery of the product, the Seller is obliged to pay interest at the interest rate of the Seller's commercial bank for term savings deposits for three months for the whole period, counting from the day of the advance payment to the day of delivery of the product, if the delivery time of the product is more than 30 days. If the Seller does not deliver the Product (s) within the agreed period, he is obliged to return to the buyer the advance payment plus the default interest, counting from the date of receipt of the advance payment until the day of payment, as soon as possible and no later than 7 days after the termination of the contract. Interest is paid into the Buyer's current account.

Prices of products and services are expressed in Croatian Kuna (HRK). Prices include Value Added Tax (VAT). Product prices do not include shipping, listing, handling, and other costs of separate services. The seller updates the highlighted prices on a daily basis, which makes it possible for prices in retail stores to be different from prices on the insignum.hr web store.

The seller is authorized to change prices without notice, as he is authorized to change prices exclusively for the web store without notice. The seller is authorized to determine at any time, at any time, discounts, daily or weekly actions, actions for each product, group of products and / or for all products, as well as for a particular payment method. The aforementioned benefits can only be enabled for online shopping, which will be indicated to the buyer prior to the purchase.

**  for orders up to 150,00 kn delivery is charged 20,00 kn

Delivery is made throughout Croatia, except in the case of certain islands *. The purchased products are delivered to the entrance of the residential building, whether it is a family house or a residential building.

Ordered products are shipped throughout the Republic of Croatia, except in the case of delivery with shipment, which is not made to certain islands. Delivery is made to all islands if the goods are prepaid, but for orders marked "Pouzeće" delivery is made exclusively to these islands: Krk , Cres , Losinj , Rab , Murter , Korcula , Peljesac , Vir , Pag , Hvar , Brac , Vis , Pašman and Ugljan .

We deliver the products purchased in the web shop within one to five working days, and for the islands and area of ​​Dubrovnik - Neretva County up to seven working days. For custom-made items that are not in stock but need to be ordered from the supplier, delivery time can be 5-10 business days. For all orders above 100,00 kn, shipping is free of charge, and for orders up to 99,00 kn delivery is charged 20,00 kn.
Delivery is made to the entrance to the residential building, if it is a residential building, the supplier is not obliged to carry the products up to the floor where the Buyer is located, but to the entrance to the building. Access to the entrance by delivery vehicle must be free, otherwise delivery shall be made to the nearest point where unloading is possible. Delivery is organized by the seller and Products are shipped via GLS delivery service. Delivery is made every working day between 8am and 4pm.

The buyer is obliged to check the external visible damage of the shipment when downloading the product and, in the case of visible damage, to refuse to take the shipment. All other possible damages and irregularities should be reported after download to webshop@insignum.hr . Upon delivery, with the purchased product, the Buyer receives all documents accompanying the product: invoice, warranty card and acknowledgment of receipt of the shipment which he is obliged to sign. The signature on the acknowledgment of receipt of the shipment means that the product has been taken over without any visible external damage

If the product has a hidden defect (that defect that could not be detected by normal inspection at the time of download), the buyer determines upon opening the product - the buyer has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract and refund, replace the product, remove the defect or reduce the price.

If the Buyer refuses to receive the correct / undamaged products that he has previously ordered, the Seller has the right to ask the buyer to reimburse the shipping costs (handling costs).

Ordered Products and Delivery, the Buyer can pay according to the model he chooses when ordering products via the cart. The Buyer agrees that the Seller, in the event of a suspected misuse of any type of payment, may request additional records of the validity of such payment method, and in the event that such records are not submitted, has the right to suspend the transaction and cancel the order. Payment is considered to have been made at the time the money was received by the delivery service, upon receipt of funds into the seller's giro account or at the time of authorization of the card transaction.

Payment for the Product can be made by: payment upon pickup (debit), payment in installments or one-time payment with credit and debit cards or payment to the Seller's giro account (bank transfer, e-banking, post office, bank…).
Payment after picking up the shipment (I will accept):
If the Buyer chooses to pay when picking up the shipment, the ordered goods can only be paid in cash when picking it up. The goods are paid to the delivery service employee.

Payment by credit and debit cards (one-time and in installments):
- one-time payment to all credit cards
- installment payment of MasterCard and Visa cards of Zagrebačka banka up to 24 installments with minimum purchase amount of 1000,00 HRK
- installment payment to Diners credit cards up to 24 installments without interest with a minimum purchase price of HRK 1000.00
- installment payment with American Express credit cards up to 24 installments without interest with a minimum purchase amount of HRK 1000.00
- installment payment with Visa and Maestro cards of PBZ Bank up to 12 installments without interest with a minimum purchase amount of 500,00 HRK

Credit card payments are made through CorvusPay's Secure Socket Layer (SSL) secure billing system. Online billing pages are secured using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128/256-bit data encryption. SSL encryption is a data encryption procedure designed to prevent unauthorized access during transmission. This enables secure transfer of information and prevents unauthorized access to data when communicating between the user's computer and the CorvusPay system, and vice versa.

Payment to a giro account:

In the case of the Buyer intends to pay the goods into the Seller's giro account (by wire transfer, e-banking, post office, bank…) in the basket it is necessary to select the option “Payment to the account”. The payment deadline for the Buyer is 3 days from the creation of the order, after which the Seller does not guarantee the availability of the ordered items. Order processing begins to run from the moment the payment is visible in the Seller's account. If payment is due after the deadline and the goods are available, the delivery process is initiated, and if the goods are not available, and the refund is paid. Payments can be made to the following Seller accounts:

ZABA IBAN: HR3723600001102193147

The Seller warrants that the product used in accordance with the enclosed instructions and warranty card will function properly within the warranty period. All products for which the Seller provides a warranty are subject to warranty conditions set out in the warranty card. In the event of a defect and other possible defects, the Seller undertakes to repair or replace the product within a reasonable time, in accordance with the Law on Obligations. All electrical appliances and electrical spare parts are guaranteed, if installed in an authorized service facility. The warranty list and the list of authorized repairers is an integral part of the warranty terms and is shipped with the product.

The buyer is obliged to keep the warranty card and invoice for the entire duration of the warranty period. The Warranty Certificate is considered valid upon presentation of the invoice, whether or not the said Warranty Certificate is certified or not certified by the Seller. Product malfunction resulting from improper use and / or failure to comply with the instructions is not covered by the warranty. The service and sale of spare parts for the purchased product is ensured through the authorized repairers listed in the warranty. In the event of a defective product under warranty, within the warranty period, the Customer may request: repair of the item within a reasonable time, if the item is not repaired within a reasonable time, it may request another correct item,
Product complaints can be reported via the online form. The seller will approve the return of the goods to the buyer after justified complaint received exclusively in writing through the online complaint form. In the event that other goods cannot be delivered, the merchant will reimburse the buyer for his postal costs of returning the goods and any value of the goods that he is no longer able to deliver.

Filing a complaint:

You can send your complaints, as well as compliments, suggestions and questions: by mail to Insignum doo, Rujanska 11, 10000 Zagreb, and by email: prigovor@insignum.hr. The Seller will respond to all objections and objections within 15 days from the day of receipt of the objection.

Liability for material defects:

The seller is responsible for the material defects of the product in accordance with the provisions of the Obligations Act, Articles 400-422.

The Seller is responsible for the material defects of the things that it had at the time of passing the risk to the Buyer, whether or not it was aware of it. The Seller is also liable for any material defects that occur after the transfer of risk to the Buyer if they are due to a cause that existed before. The seller is not responsible for a minor material defect.
There is a material disadvantage:
- if the product does not have the necessary properties for its regular use or for marketing,
- if the product does not have the necessary special use properties for which the Buyer procures it, which was known to or required to be known to the Seller,
- if the product does not have properties and qualities that are explicitly or tacitly contracted, or prescribed,
- when the Seller has submitted a product that is not identical to the sample or model, unless the sample or model is shown for information only,
- if the product does not have the characteristics that otherwise exist with other products of the same type and which the Buyer could reasonably expect by the nature of the product, especially taking in the light of public statements made by Sellers, manufacturers and their representatives about the properties of products (advertisements, marking things, etc.),
- if the product is improperly assembled, provided that the assembly service is included in the fulfillment of the sales contract,
- if the incorrect assembly is the result of defects in the assembly instructions.

In the event that the subject of purchase through the web store insignum.hr is a used (refurbished) Product, the liability of the Seller for the material defects of such Product is limited to a period of one year, starting from the day of delivery of the Product to the Buyer (Article 404, Paragraph 3 of the Law Relations).

Keeping personal information private

Pursuant to the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, the collected personal information is stored in collections of personal data managed by the Seller. Collections of personal data are published in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data on the pages of the Agency for Protection of Personal Data. The seller preserves the privacy of its users and all their data and is used only until the expiration of their business needs and in accordance with their legal obligations, and they can only be advanced to the competent state authority in exercising the legal authority of the state government. All employees of the Seller and business partners are responsible for compliance with the principles of privacy protection.

Collection, processing and use of personal information

Personal information that you voluntarily enter into our website: We collect and process the name and email address and contact telephone number solely for the purpose for which the information was provided to us.
The Seller will not disclose the User's personal information to third parties, except for the purpose of performing the Service, protecting the interests of the User and the Seller and preventing possible misuse.

The Seller will ensure that the User's personal information is kept in a secure place (which includes reasonable administrative, technical and physical protection to prevent unauthorized use, access, disclosure, copying or modification of personal information), which can only be accessed by Seller's authorized persons.

When buying, we store your name, contact number and e-mail address. Your credit / debit card number is not stored on our site, but payment is made through the Corvus Pay Internet payment gateway, Corvus info doo, Buzinski prilaz 10, 10010 Zagreb. When making payments using eWallet, your payment information is also stored on the CorvusPay system and can be deleted at any time. You can find more information on the CorvusPay payment interface.

Seller agrees to provide Users with access to their personal information that it owns to ensure that personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. If Users request correction or deletion of their personal information, Seller will modify or remove such information. By choosing to delete personal information, Users agree that they will be denied access to certain content on the Website. When providing personal information, Users warrant that it is complete, true, accurate and up-to-date.

Data security

The insignum.hr site where confidential information is exchanged is protected by the use of a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security protocol with 128 bit data encryption. SSL security encryption is a data protection technology that enables secure data exchange between your browser and insignum.hr.


If you have subscribed to the Newsletter when ordering or through the contact form on insignum.hr and have not stated your opinion, we reserve the right to e-mail you our offers and services on a regular basis. You may revoke this use of your e-mail address at any time via the unsubscribe link in the advertising mail or by sending an e-mail to webshop@insignum.hr.

Cookie Policy

The seller reserves the right to store your cookies. Cookies represent a set of data that serve as your anonymous and individual identifier, by sending it to your browser on the website you visit. When you access the insignum.hr page on your device, after accepting the use of cookies, the site receives and stores information about your previous visits (eg, how many times you accessed the pages). Each time you access insignum.hr, our system will search your cookie for previously recorded information.
Insignum.hr uses Google Analytics, a traffic measurement service. If you would like to disable cookies from this service, please disable cookies at the following link: Google Analytics - https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

What are temporary cookies?
Temporary cookies, or session cookies, are removed from your PC at the time of closing the Internet browser where you were browsing the Internet. With the help of these cookies, the sites store temporary data.

What are permanent cookies?
Permanent, or saved, cookies remain on your personal computer even after you close your Internet browser. With the help of these cookies, websites store information to make it easier for you to use. For example, websites that require a username and password will “remember” your entry, which will appear on each new visit. Permanent cookies will remain logged on your computer for days, months or years.

What are first-party cookies?
First-party cookies come from the website you are viewing and may be temporary or permanent. This way, websites store information that will make it easier for you to use each time you visit that site.

What are third party cookies?
Third-party cookies come to your computer from other sites located on the website you are browsing. These are pop-up ads, for example, and cookies have the role of tracking websites for advertising purposes.
Insignum.hr uses Session cookies - these are cookies that will be automatically deleted when you close your browser and Persistent cookies - these are cookies that will remain "recorded" in your browser until they do not expire or are not manually deleted. The information collected is anonymous and does not include your personal information.

If you wish to disable cookies on the website insignum.hr, you can adjust the settings of your device by selecting this option in your browser menu. By using the insignum.hr website, you consent to the above described manner of conducting an analysis of the use of the said website. Turning off cookies does not allow you to store cookies on your own computer.

Additional information about cookie exclusion:
There are currently several websites to exclude cookie storage for various services. You can find more information at the following links:

Information and right of complaint

By law, you have the right information about your personal data stored in the Seller's database, as well as the correction, amendment and deletion of personal information. Correction, supplementation and deletion of personal data is carried out upon a written request sent to zop@insignum.hr, ie to the Personal Data Protection Officer or by mail to the address of the Seller.

Personal Data Protection Officer:

GDPR Manager
Kurelčeva 4, 10000 Zagreb
Mail:  voditeljgdpr@insignum.hr

The Buyer shall have the right, without giving reasons, to terminate unilaterally the Contract concluded outside the premises or concluded at a distance within fourteen (14) days. The termination of the contract begins from the day when the goods that make the subject of the contract are handed over to the Buyer. The buyer must notify the merchant of the cancellation of the contract in writing within 14 days of taking over the goods. It may do so through a form of unilateral termination of the contract or through any other unambiguous statement by which the Buyer expresses his will to terminate the contract.
Under the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer is required to bear the direct cost of returning the goods if he / she exercises his / her right to terminate the contract unilaterally. If the Buyer does not wish to bear these costs, he may return the goods to the nearest Insignum store. The locations of all Insignum stores are located at insignum.hr/contact/ and at the foot of the website itself.

In accordance with section 77 (5) of the Consumer Protection Act, the buyer is responsible for any impairment of the purchased product resulting from the handling of the purchased product, except for what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods. The Seller determines the terms of the refund and the percentage reduction of the refund to the Buyer due to the impairment of the product. The percentage reduction for damaged packaging is 5%, while in the case of a return without original packaging, the percentage reduction is 20%. If the product was used (except that the use was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods) or damaged, the percentage reduction is dependent on the assessment of damage by an authorized service center.
The buyer is also required by Article 76, paragraph 3 of the Consumer Protection Act to return the goods in their entirety, in their original packaging and with all accessories (chargers, cables, instructions, etc.). In cases of partial return of goods, any missing item will be charged at full price.

The Buyer shall not be entitled to terminate the contract for: goods made to the specification of the Buyer and clearly referenced to the Buyer if the subject of the contract is the delivery of sealed audio recordings or videos, or computer programs that are printed after delivery, if the subject of the contract is easily perishable or expired goods, and if the subject of the contract is the delivery of digital content not delivered on a physical medium.

Fill out the one-sided contract termination form here.

If an R1 corporate invoice is issued, the contract cannot be canceled. Cancellation of the contract: We allow companies, craftsmen and other legal entities to return the purchased items under warranty conditions, but these legal entities do not have the option to cancel the contract within 14 days of taking over the item without reason, as is true for natural persons.

Pursuant to Article 57 of the Consumer Protection Act, the Seller shall inform the Buyer in a clear and understandable manner about:

1  . The main features of good or service, to the extent appropriate with respect to good or service, and the medium used to convey the notice
2  . Your name and address, telephone number and, if applicable, email address
3  . If applicable, the name and registered office of the trader on whose behalf and / or for whose account it is appearing
4  . The geographical address of the place of business that is, the geographical address of the place of business of the trader on whose behalf and / or for whose account he is acting and to which the consumer may address his complaints, if that place is different from the seat referred to in point 2 of this Article
5. The retail price of a good or service, and if the nature of the good or service does not allow the price to be calculated in advance, the method of calculating the price and, if applicable, other costs of transport, delivery or postal services, or that these costs may not be reasonably calculated in advance
6  . Costs of using remote communications for the purpose of contracting, if these costs are not charged at the basic rate
7  . Terms of payment, terms of delivery of goods or services, time of delivery of goods or services and, if any, means of dealing with consumer complaints by the merchant
8. Conditions, deadlines and procedures for exercising the right to unilaterally terminate the contract, as well as the form for unilateral termination of the contract in accordance with Article 74, paragraph 1 of this Law, in cases where this right exists
9  . That the consumer is obliged to bear the cost of returning the goods in the event that he exercises his right to unilaterally terminate the contract referred to in Article 72 of this Law, or, on the cost of returning the goods, in the case of distance contracts, because of his nature, he cannot be returned by mail in the usual way
10. In the event that he exercises his right to unilaterally terminate the contract referred to in Article 72 of this Act after having made a request in accordance with Article 64 or Article 70 of this Act, the consumer shall be obliged to pay the trader a reasonable part Article 7, paragraph 7 of this Law
11  . The fact that the consumer cannot exercise the right to unilaterally terminate the contract referred to in Article 72 of this Law, in cases where, pursuant to Article 79 of this Law, that right is excluded, or on the assumptions under which the consumer loses the right to unilaterally terminate the contract
12  . Existence of liability for material defects
13. The services or assistance offered to the consumer after the sale and the conditions of use of those services or assistance, if provided by the merchant, as well as any guarantees issued with the goods or service
14  . The existence of appropriate rules of conduct for the trader as defined in Article 5, paragraph 18 of this Act
15  . Duration of the contract, if the contract is concluded for a fixed term, ie the terms of cancellation or termination of a contract which is concluded for an indefinite period, or which is automatically extended
16  . The minimum period within which the consumer is bound by the contract, if any
17. The deposit or other financial security which the consumer is obliged to pay or obtain at the request of the trader, as well as the terms of payment of that deposit or the conditions of obtaining other financial insurance
18  . If applicable, the functionality of digital content, including the necessary technical safeguards for such content
19  . If applicable, the interoperability of digital content with computer or software that the trader knows or should know
20  . Out-of-court dispute settlement mechanisms and / or compensation systems, and how the consumer can use them.

All the above notices, ie those which are necessary under the Consumer Protection Act, are in these General Conditions.

The Seller shall provide to the Buyer as a consumer in accordance with the provisions of the said Law on Consumer Protection a confirmation of the pre-contractual notice in written or other available permanent consumer medium, as soon as possible, and no later than at the the moment of delivery of the product, or no later than the date of commencement of the service. By agreeing to these General Terms and Conditions, the Buyer agrees that the confirmation of the pre-contractual notice should be sent to him by email to the email address he specifies as a contact when placing his order or by mail to the home address together with the delivery of the Product and the invoice.

europska komisija

European Union Special Regulation, dated 2/15/2016. Across the EU, online shopping disputes can be resolved through the ODR platform, which you can access   here  .

If you have a problem with something you buy online within the EU, you can file your complaint at the link above, which you can try to reach an out-of-court settlement.

The platform can be used by both consumers and traders, and can be filed in any of the 23 official EU languages. You can only use the system if it is a complaint about an online purchase.

EE waste collection:

Insignum doo, as a seller who sells EE equipment directly to household or non-household customers using distance communication (via internet, telephone, catalog, etc.), is obliged to inform the buyer on its web site of the location where it is secured the possibility of free download of EE waste generated by that EE equipment, which must be in the area of ​​the local government unit in which the customer resides.

Electronic devices contain several hundred different materials. Some of them are reusable after the life of the device, but many substances can be very harmful if mismanaged with electronic waste. In order to prevent the harmful effects of these substances on the environment and human health, it is essential that EE waste is collected separately from municipal waste and then disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

You can leave EE waste in our retail stores, you can find locations here . In the Republic of Croatia, there is an organized free system for the disposal of EE waste through authorized collectors. Just call the toll free number 0800 444 110 or send an SMS to 098 444 110 and if you have more than 30 kg of EE waste, the authorized collector will pick it up at your address. You can get all the necessary additional information on the same issue. You can also fill out the order on the website www.eeotpad.com , and by e-mail prijava@eeotpad.com .

You can also take your EE waste to your nearest recycling yard.

Types of EE waste:

All electrical and electronic devices and equipment that must be disposed of separately from other waste are labeled with WEEE (Waste of electrical and electronic equipment). By handing over discarded EE devices to authorized collectors only, you are ensuring their proper disposal and helping to protect the environment and human health.

EE waste can be categorized into 10 major device groups:
Large household appliances
Small household appliances
Information technology equipment (IT) and telecommunications
equipment Consumer entertainment
equipment Lighting equipment
Electrical and electronic tools (except large fixed industrial tools)
Toys, leisure equipment and sports equipment
Medical devices
Monitoring and control
instruments Self-service appliances
With a little effort together we can do a lot for Beautiful Ours!

01. Large Home Appliances

Large cooling appliances
Other large appliances used for refrigeration, conservation and storage of food
Washing machines
Kitchen stoves
Electric stoves
Electric panel heating
in a microwave
Other large appliances for cooking and other food preparation
Electric heating appliances
Electric radiators
Other large appliances for rooms, beds and seating furniture
Electric fans

02. Small home appliances

cleaning carpets
Other appliances for cleaning
Appliances used for sewing, knitting, weaving and other processing fabric
Irons and other appliances for ironing driers, wringing and other editing clothing
grinders, coffee machines and equipment for opening and closing the container and packaging.
Electric knives
Appliances for hair cutting, hair drying, brushing, shaving, massage and other body care appliances
Clocks, watches and equipment for measuring, indicating or registering time

03. Information technology (IT) equipment and telecommunications equipment

Središnja obrada podataka:
Velika računala
Osobna računalna oprema:
Osobna računala (CPU, miš, zaslon i tipkovnica)
Računala “laptop” (CPU, miš, zaslon i tipkovnica)
Računala “notebook”
Računala “notepad”
Kopirna oprema
Električni i elektronički pisaći strojevi
Džepni i stolni kalkulatori i ostali proizvodi ili oprema za prikupljanje, spremanje, obradu i predstavljanje podataka ili komuniciranje podacima
Korisnički terminali i sustavi
Telefoni s karticama i kovanicama
Bežični telefoni
Mobilni telefoni
Sustavi odgovora na poziv
Other telecommunications products or equipment for the transmission of sound, images or other data

04. Consumer Equipment

Video Camcorders VCRs
Hi-Fi Devices
Audio Amplifiers
Musical Instruments
Other products or equipment for recording or reproducing sound or images, including signals, or other technologies, other than telecommunication, for sound and image distribution

05. Lighting equipment

Luminaires for fluorescent lamps, other than household lamps
Flat fluorescent lamps
Compact fluorescent lamps
Flashlights, including high-pressure sodium vapor lamps and metallic vapor lamps
Low-pressure sodium lamps
Other than filament lamps or incandescent or incandescent lamps

06. Power and electronic tools (except large fixed industrial tools)

Sewing Machines
Turning, grinding, grinding, polishing, sawing, cutting, cutting, drilling, hollowing, punching, reeling, bending or similar processing of wood, metals and other materials
Nailing tools, nailing, screwing, tools Download rivets, nails or screws or the like for the purpose
tools for welding, soldering and similar use
Equipment for spraying, applying, spraying and other processing of different liquid or gaseous substances
Tools for cutting lawn or other activities

07. Toys, leisure equipment and sports goods

Electric kits with rails or cars
Handheld video
game consoles Video games
Computers for cycling, diving, jogging, boating, etc.
Sports equipment with electrical or electronic components
Coin-operated slot machines

08. Medical devices (except implanted devices)

Radiotherapy equipment
Cardiac devices
Dialysis devices
Pulmonary ventilators
Nuclear medicine devices
Laboratory diagnostic equipment in vitro
Fertilizer testing
devices Other devices for detecting, preventing, monitoring, treating, alleviating disease, injury or infirmity

09. Monitoring and control instruments

Smoke detectors
Heating controls
Measuring, weighing or tweaking equipment for household or laboratory
Other monitoring and control instruments used in industrial installations (eg, on control panels)

10. Self-service appliances

Automatic dispensers for dispensing hot drinks
Automatic dispensers for dispensing hot and cold bottles or boxes
Automatic dispensers for dispensing solid products
Automatic dispensing dispensers
All dispensers that dispense all kinds of products automatically.