P40 Pro Snorkeling Case – Your Diving Partner

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Do you take your phone along for snorkeling adventures? Get the HUAWEI – P40 Pro Snorkeling Case and explore new depths! It’s lighter, slimmer, and water resistant up to 10 meters for 1 hour when your phone is in Underwater mode. Take selfies with sea turtles and post them to Facebook. You deserve it.

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The P40 Pro Snorkeling Case –

New, sleek & compact case for you to take your adventures to the next level. With its sleek design, it’s the ideal travel companion for your next adventure, whether it be a trek through the jungle or a road trip across the country. With its 10-meter water resistance, we’ve made sure your phone is safe in any situation. The P40 Pro Snorkeling Case is an adventure essential.

Power Button (Not in underwater mode)

Press twice to enter Underwater mode.
Press once to turn the screen on or off.
Press and hold for 2 seconds to power
on/off the Bluetooth controller.

Power button
(in Underwater mode)

When the screen is off, press once to wake
the phone.

Press twice to switch between taking
photos/videos or stop recording.

Press three times to switch between the
front/rear cameras.

Shutter button

Press once to take a photo/video.
Press and hold for burst shooting.

Zoom lever

Slide left or right to zoom.

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